The only safety app that allows you to easily manage the safety of your mobile, remote and lone workers, anytime, anywhere

The Safety App for Ensuring Worker Safety

Join companies around the world that use the SafetyBeat app to manage the safety of their workforce in a real-time, more engaging way.

All-in-one Safety App for your Company

All your safety measures now in one simple app – it now takes seconds to reach out to your workers, know they are safe and know where they are.

    Improve Worker Safety

    Improve Worker Safety

    Lowers Risk & improves compliance - Know where workers are and what they are doing - Very efficient & affordable - Runs on any iPhone or Android smartphone

    Improve Site Safety

    Improve Site Safety

    Live data to know exactly who’s on site - Conduct site induction, pre-start checklists and training - Provide hazard alerts - Help manage site evacuation

    Gain insights for better decision making

    Gain insights for better decision making

    Know exactly where your workers are spending their time - Compare sites, teams, worker types - Know what and where the hazards are - Track compliance, performance and trends

    Quick and easy access to your dashboards

    Quick and easy access to your dashboards

    Dashboard for your team - Web based access from anywhere at anytime - Establish your own rules and process flows for alerts and alarms - Tailor your own documents and checklists

    Worker Tracking for their safety

    Worker Tracking for their safety

    Know where your workers are - Know who has “Reported-in” as safe, and who hasn’t.

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    What SafetyBeat users are saying:

    It saves time and helps us manage our compliance more effectively and efficiently. The Dashboard and Reporting Suite also helps us monitor and compare how much time our staff are spending on customer’s sites, how much time in meetings and how much time unaccounted for.

    I quite often use the “Find my Team” function. When I need to respond to an urgent requirement, or need extra resources on a particular site, I know where my team is and can contact and re-direct the closest technician.

    By using SafetyBeat, our staff have the ability to move from job to job, and we have the reassurance knowing where they are, that they are adhering to our safety policies and that they're safe.

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