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    Oberix Group

    Oberix Group

    Oberix is a fast growing group of companies spread throughout Australia and a number of key locations internationally.

    To aid our growth plans, we needed an efficient way to manage the safety of our diverse and highly mobile workforce.  We needed to know who was on the job, where they were, and when they had finished for the day.

    During the day, we also needed the reassurance that they were safe.

    What we like about SafetyBeat is that we only get alerts by exception. If everyone checks-in and out everything’s fine.  If staff haven’t checked-in or out, then the system prompts them, and only when they haven’t responded to a number of prompts does the system alert team leaders and managers.

    It saves time and helps us manage our compliance more effectively and efficiently.  The Dashboard and Reporting Suite also helps us monitor and compare how much time our staff are spending on customer’s sites, how much time in meetings and how much time unaccounted for.

    Our business couldn’t have achieved double-digit growth without SafetyBeat.

    Trevor Owen

    Director – Oberix Group

    Alerton Australia

    Alerton Australia

    I run a team of mobile installation techs in building automation and controls systems.

    Our staff are in and out of many large construction sites each day and their safety is our number 1 priority.  We need to make sure our techs stop and think, run through a site specific check list before they start work at each site.  We need to know that they have the right equipment with them and they need to know if there are any known hazards on the work site.

    All of their responses to the questions are recorded on the system.  If we ever need to go back and check, the records are date and location stamped and easily accessible out of SafetyBeat.

    I quite often use the “Find my Team” function.  When I need to respond to an urgent requirement, or need extra resources on a particular site, I know where my team is and can contact and re-direct the closest technician.

    You can’t manage a team’s safety if you don’t know when they start, when they finish and where they are.  SafetyBeat does all this.  It makes managing safety much easier.

    Marco DeLorenzis

    General Manager – Alerton Australia

    Leading Edge Automation

    Leading Edge Automation

    Leading Edge Automation runs a team of highly mobile contracting staff in the dynamic and fast growing Malaysian construction industry.

    Our industry is entering its 3rd consecutive year of double digit growth. We are determined to be the leaders in protecting the safety of our workers, and SafetyBeat is an integral part of our workplace safety strategy.

    We don’t want to limit the movement of our people. They need to go where they can add most value for our customers. By using SafetyBeat, our staff have the ability to move from job to job, and we have the reassurance knowing where they are, that they are adhering to our safety policies and that they’re safe.

    Gene Ong

    CEO – Leading Edge Automation | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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