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Does SafetyBeat track my location?

SafetyBeat does not track your location or your movements. Only when you perform certain actions (such as Check-in, Report-in, send a Pulse etc) does SafetyBeat send your location to the server.

Why does SafetyBeat send my location information?

Knowing where you last performed an action is important in keeping you safe, or attending to you in an emergency.

Why does SafetyBeat send my battery level to the server?

If you are uncontactable, it may help explain whether it is related to your phone’s battery level.

What if I don't want to send my location via SafetyBeat?

You can stop this in 3 ways: Stop performing location based functions on SafetyBeat, disable location based services in your phone settings, or stop using SafetyBeat altogether.   But remember that you may not be able to be assisted in an emergency if you last location is not available.  Some employers may require that you have location based services enabled whilst at work as part of their safety policies.

Where is my information stored?

Your information is stored on your smartphone and on SafetyBeat’s secure server.

Who can access my information?

This is determined by your organisation’s policy, but typically it is your Manager/Team Leader and/or you company’s SafetyBeat Administrator.

How does SafetyBeat protect my information?

SafetyBeat manages all information in strict accordance with its Information Security Policy, which includes the commitment ongoing refinement of security technology, processes and security culture.

Can I change alerts and Report-in frequency?

Most functions in SafetyBeat are editable by your company’s SafetyBeat Administrator.

What if I only want to use some (not all) of the SafetyBeat features?

Most functions in SafetyBeat are editable by your company’s SafetyBeat Administrator.

What if I want additional features added into SafetyBeat?

We are continually developing and improving SafetyBeat so, let us know what features you want via the feedback button in the app, or via email

What if I want to cancel my SafetyBeat subscription?

As an Administrator, you should log onto the portal and cancel your subscription in the Settings, Entity Control tab.

As a User, Contact your company administrator and ask them to remove you from the Server. Also, make sure you are Checked-out of any sites and finished work for the day. Log off and stop using or delete the app.

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