How does SafetyBeat Work?

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    How SafetyBeat Works

    SafetyBeat is an occupational health and safety app for use by remote, mobile lone and isolated workers.

    SafetyBeat runs on standard and widely available iPhone and Android handsets.  There’s no need for expensive proprietary hardware.  Plus the app integrates with the Cloud based Administration and Reporting portal and dashboards, which are accessible from any web browser worldwide.

    Employees launch the app when they start work in the morning.

    They either “Check-in” to a site, or tell you what they’re doing via a system message called a “Pulse”.

    When they Check-in or send a Pulse, the systems captures the time, date, their location and their phone’s battery level.  Employees check-in and check-out of the different sites they visit as they go about their daily duties.

    Through-out the day, employees are required to perform a simple one-click “Report-in” via the app at pre determined time intervals.

    The Report-in action is to confirm that employees are safe and captures their location.

    If an employee fails to Report-in, they get an audible alert via the phone reminding them to Report-in.

    If they fail to Report-in after a pre-determined number of reminders, the employee’s Team Leader is alerted via the app.  This can be repeated and escalated up through the organisation according to your company’s structure and policies.

    On receiving an alert, the Team Leader is responsible to make contact with the employee to make sure they are safe.

    At the end of the work day, employees Clock-off, confirming they have finished work safely.  The app again captures the time and their location.

    Proactive Safety Management

    When an employee Checks-in to a site, they are presented with a site-specific and job-specific pre-start safety checklist. This forces employees stop perform a safety check of their environment and make sure they have the right equipment to keep them safe – before they start work. SafetyBeat warns employees about known site hazards, it allows workers to dynamically report site hazards they discover to supervisors and other workers

    SafetyBeat also provides access to documentation such as Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), Procedures, Safety Data Sheets, site records, evacuation plans and video-based training material.

    Duress Alarm

    The SafetyBeat app contains an alarm function in case an employee needs urgent assistance.

    Triggered from within the app, the alarm can be configured to call emergency services or a nominated person in your organisation.

    The app also sends the employee’s GPS location and battery level to their team leader.  This can help direct the assistance to the employee’s exact location if required.


    As a Team Leader

      SafetyBeat is efficient and effective, it provides your team members status in real time and only alerts you by exception. You’ll only get alerts if team members are not accounted for safely.

      At any time a Team leader can also “Find my Team”. SafetyBeat can provide you with a map or a list showing each team member’s last Check-in location. This is helpful to direct resources to a particular site or situation.

      You can send messages and alerts to your team via SafetyBeat to make sure everyone’s acting on the same information.

      SafetyBeat is flexible. You can set-up multiple teams, multiple team leaders multiple team hierarchies. For example, a team leader can see his team only whereas a group manager can see the members and activities of all of the different teams under them.


      As an Administrator

        The administrator’s role is to set the system-up with your company’s information, policies, documents etc.  The Administrator has special access to the system’s back end where they set preferences, prepare Pre-start Safety Checklists, set-up teams and hierarchies, alert policies and load your company’s documents etc.

        It’s a simple intuitive once off process with check boxes, web forms etc

        Once it’s set-up, the administrator simply manages any changes, new starters etc


        As a Site Manager

          Construction, Manufacturing, Retail, Building and Facilities Managers

          Running a work site can be complicated. Often there are lots of people coming and going, and as the site manager, you’re responsible for their safety, whether they work for you directly or not.

          You need to know who’s on site at any one time. You need an auditable assurance that they are aware of the safety requirements on the site, how to respond in an emergency and a fast and efficient way of contacting all people on site at any time.

          SafetyBeat makes this easy.  They Check-in to your site, they answer your prestart checklist questions, they acknowledge any site hazards, they download sitemaps and evacuation plans. You can even provide a site safety briefing, or training, right from within the app.

          You can determine how frequently you want them to Report-in. This confirms where they are on the site and confirms that they are safe.

          You have confirmation of their attendance at your site, the duration, their safety training participation and results, all from the simple cloud-based Portal. You can analyse, track, compare, predict, respond.

          If there is a site evacuation, you can instigate the evacuation from within the app, provide Hazard and details and any special evacuation instructions. This makes sure everyone’s getting and acting on the same information.

          SafetyBeat can get everyone to confirm they’ve left the site safely. You also know who is missing and their last check-in location on the site.

          Once the hazard is cleared and it’s safe to return to site, you can use SafetyBeat to let everyone know they can return to work and to recheck-in to site.

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