Main SafetyBeat Features

Some features built-in to SafetyBeat
  • Site Detection

    Site Detection

    As a user arrives at a work location the GPS will search for registered sites around the area and show them to the user. The user can simply tap the site’s pin to begin to check-in.

  • Site Registration

    Site Registration

    If the required site is not registered a user can create one with a very simple process. By holding their finger on the place where the site is to be placed or tapping the create a site button a user will be sent to a prefilled form showing the address of where the site is. All they need is a name, tick whether it’s a ‘safe zone’ and they are ready to go.

  • Pre-start Checklist

    Pre-start Checklist

    Before starting work users must complete a prestart checklist confirming they have the right equipment and have checked the site for safety. The checklist is completely configurable and exclusively online. No paper waste, no poor handwriting, no rekeying. A user can not check in to a non safe zone site without completion of one of these lists. Site specific questions can be added and checklist frequency set, which determines how often the checklist needs to be completed.

  • Time based safety check

    Time based safety check

    Once checked-in to a site, users need to “report-in” via a simple one tap process at predetermined intervals. Reportingin confirms the user’s location and confirms they are safe. This updates the message on screen letting them know the next time to reportin. The SafetyBeat system automatically sends out a notification to users to remind them when they need to “report-in”.

  • Elevation of Alarms

    Elevation of Alarms

    As default a user can be inactive for three hours before alarm bells start to go. This gives them three reminders to check in before their team leaders become aware of their non reportin. If they continue to be idle this gets elevated through the chain of team leaders. Notifications continue until the user is confirmed as safe. Once a team leader receives a notice that a member of their team could be in danger they are forced to perform an action before their app returns to normal status. This ensures that all Team Leaders understand they are responsible for the safety of those on their team. Notifications can be customised using the web interface and are very quickly and easily changed for the entire entity.

  • My Team

    My Team

    Each team leader has a button at the top of their screen ‘My Team’. This button shows a list of their team and their current location, safety status and time of last interaction.

  • Hazard


    SafetyBeat enables users to report hazards, engage team members to resolve the hazards and warn other workers checking into the site about the hazards. Creating a hazard report uses a simple builtin wizard. It’s fast, paperless, and creates a permanent record for reporting and compliance purposes. Using your smart phone camera, you can add a photo of the hazard so others can see and really understand the nature of the hazard.

  • Message


    SafetyBeat contains a powerful builtin messaging app, enabling individual and group communication. Create multiple team chat groups. Share ideas, plan jobs, allocate tasks, keep everyone engaged and on the same page.

  • Connection


    Connections is where you can setup teams, work groups, team leaders and team members. This determines who sees who, and who receives app alerts. A hidden feature in the connections section is a full contact list of everyone in your company. Name, email address and phone number. Very simple, very powerful.

  • Notification


    All your important notifications in one place. SafetyBeat will even sort your notifications for you. You will see notifications that need your action, you’ll see all hazards reported for your entity and an archive of all notifications that have been cleared and no longer need your attention.

  • Man Down

    Man Down

    SafetyBeat contains a man down alarm. It’s a bit like a security beacon. When triggered, the app messages a predetermined contact list, and sends your GPS location. The alert escalates through the contact list until it’s cleared and your safety confirmed or assistance provided.

  • Documents


    With SafetyBeat you can carry all your company’s safety documents in your pocket inside the app, everywhere, every day. Safe Work Method Statements, Material Handling Data Sheets, Policies, procedures, Evacuation plans, training and Induction material, etc. Accessed by the smartphone, documents can be held on the SafetyBeat server, in cloud storage or directly on the smartphone.

  • Pulse


    Sometimes, it is important to let you team leader know you are on the job, and safe, even though you are not at a work site, e.g. travelling, in a meeting, on lunch break etc. For these instances, we’ve created what we call a Pulse. It’s a simple in app message that record’s that you are safe and what you’re doing.

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