How does the SafetyBeat System work?

Simple and accessible to manage your workers when they are on the go.


    • Who has started work and where
    • Snapshot of your work team’s location
    • Your workers have reported-in safe at pre-determined intervals
    • Who has failed to “Report-in”
    • When your workers have left a site safely
    • When your workers have finished work safely for the day

    Manage Safety

    • Provides site-specific and job-specific pre-start safety checklists
    • Warns workers about known site hazards
    • Allows workers to dynamically report site hazards they discover
    • Provides access to documentation such as Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), Procedures, Safety Data Sheets
    • Provides access to site records, evacuation plans
    • Provides access to full multi media training material

    Real time access to data

    • Easy to share or publish information
    • Easy to search, analyse, action
    • No missing information. No lost or mis-filed forms
    • No bad hand writing, or re-keying errors
    • Digitally verified – Who, When, Where.
    • Permanent, auditable, demonstrable

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